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Claim up to 30 satoshi every 4 minutes.
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Faucet Coinpot Payment Method Reward currency Min Payment Link
Moondogeco Faucethub, Doge Wallet 0.40 Doge Doge 50 Doge CLAIM
BonusBitcoin Faucethub, Btc Wallet 15 Satoshis Btc 0.00010 Btc CLAIM
Moonliteco.in Faucethub, Ltc Wallet 2000 Litoshis Ltc 0.0020 Ltc CLAIM
MoonDash Faucethub, Dash Wallet 1500 Satoshis Dash 0.00010 Dash CLAIM
Mooncash Faucethub, Bch Wallet 600 Satoshis Bch 0.00010 bch CLAIM
Bitfun Faucethub, Btc Wallet 40 Satoshis Btc 0.00010 Btc CLAIM
Moonbit Faucethub, Btc Wallet 80 Satoshis Btc 0.00010 Btc CLAIM
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Recent Payouts

3LdHzKiQ8E3dF69F4b4KGmRRNq1CGVttqN9 satoshi
127hg5QwWq7fYycgDMgYQqUhamYgKeGPDk9 satoshi
1JWLJiXyni8hxtAAQLqxBDh4qFSmBqJqH69 satoshi
1JWLJiXyni8hxtAAQLqxBDh4qFSmBqJqH68 satoshi
1JWLJiXyni8hxtAAQLqxBDh4qFSmBqJqH69 satoshi
1JWLJiXyni8hxtAAQLqxBDh4qFSmBqJqH615 satoshi
1471BbgCnSd3s8HLPz6mwhHFxHPtf8NHjs9 satoshi
13uC7qZafqqLA1XrFoaU57L7MGZ8nJbnCp9 satoshi
338D1xX4MrVnDp4kJ7saWAQYUgZKffqTAV15 satoshi
1MiYVnpXK6U3deoGNwK2KQsT3nruQVoDef9 satoshi
Best Faucet List BTC
Name Payment Method Reward currency Time Link
Adbtc FaucetHub 44 Satoshis Btc No Time CLAIM
LarvelFaucet FaucetHub 15 Satoshis Btc No Time CLAIM
Claimfaucet FaucetHub 15 Satoshis Btc 5 Min CLAIM
Clixco.in Btc Wallet 30 Satoshis Btc No Time CLAIM
Satoshilabs FaucetHub 20 Satoshis Btc 5 Min CLAIM
Bitco.world FaucetHub 25 Satoshis Btc 2 Min CLAIM
luckybits FaucetHub 15 Satoshis Btc 2 Min CLAIM
bitcohitz FaucetHub 25 Satoshis Btc 2 Min CLAIM
Fire Faucet FaucetHub 20 Satoshis Btc 30 Min CLAIM
Auto Faucet FaucetHub 25 Satoshis Btc No Time CLAIM
Adsatoshi FaucetHub 50 Satoshis Btc No Time CLAIM


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